Dallas' Law - Security Guard Training

A new law goes into effect in Tennessee on January 1, 2023. Dallas’ Law requires first aid, CPR, restraint and de-escalation training for private guards working in places licensed to serve alcohol.

The new measure signed by Gov. Bill Lee comes after Dallas “DJ” Barrett died in August of 2021 after a fight with guards at a honky tonk bar in downtown Nashville. A medical examiner later determined Barrett, 22, died of oxygen deprivation after being held to the ground by six guards and a bystander. His death was ruled a homicide. These seven individuals face reckless homicide and aggravated assault charges as a result.

The goal of Tennessee’s new security guard training requirements is to prevent this type of situation from getting out of hand in the future and to prevent needless loss of life due to untrained guards using improper tactics.

An investigation revealed that 4 of the 6 guards were unlicensed. Furthermore, it was discovered that although the armed guards were required to undergo training, it didn’t specifically include first aid or restraint tactics.

This analysis coupled with videos of the the bar patron’s death prompted Rep. Bill Beck, D-Nashville to propose the House bill, which is now Tennessee law and goes into effect in 2023.


Barrett’s mother, Tammy Barrett, released a statement praising Lee and state legislators for making the law a reality:

“Today, my dream of making the establishments on Lower Broadway safer for ALL PATRONS has been fully realized! On June 1, 2022, Governor Bill Lee signed the bill entitled, ‘Dallas’s Law,’ thereby enacting into law much-needed legislation respecting the licensing and training of unarmed security guards working in establishments that serve alcoholic beverages! My words are insufficient to express my heartfelt gratitude to Representative William Beck for his fortitude and tireless efforts in sponsoring this bill and shepherding its passage through the Tennessee House of Representatives. moreover, I wish to express my appreciation to Senator Jeff Yarbro for serving as the Senate sponsor of this bill. Now, because of the courage of Governor Lee, all unarmed security guards working in establishments that serve alcoholic beverages will be required to be certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and required to be trained in de-escalation techniques, emergency procedures, general duties, and the limits of their power and authority. I cannot conceive of a more fitting manner in which to honor the memory of my son, Dallas Jordan Barrett, than the passage of Dallas’s Law today.”

Both unarmed and armed security guards must complete four hours of general training, complete de-escalation techniques and hold a current CPR certification from a state-approved CPR curriculum.

Saving lives is the goal. The Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission has stated, “We think these common-sense regulations will save lives and protect everyone, including security staff and businesses.”

On-site CPR Training

CPR Choice offers CPR, AED, and First Aid classes (life-saving techniques) as well as AVERT training, which specializes in de-escalation techniques.

Our aim is to satisfy all requirements of Dallas’s Law through classroom training, lecture, video, hands-on practice and skills assessment and provide two-year certifications for individuals who pass the course.

If you are a security guard in need of this training and certification, please contact us at: [email protected] for more information.

CPR Choice is a national AHA Training Center and ASHI Training Center and offers AVERT active shooter and de-escalation training and conducts American Red Cross classes as well.

Dallas Complete
  • 8 hours, $125
  • 4 hours of CPR/AED/First Aid
  • 2 hours of de escalation
  • 2 hours of safe restraint
Dallas Update
  • 4 hours, $65 (designed for those that already have CPR/FA credential)
  • 2 hours of de escalation
  • 2 hours of safe restraint

CPR Choice was founded in 2006. We’ve trained tens of thousands of individuals in performing life-saving skills and certify the staff of many large organizations and businesses.

We make learning CPR, simple, fun, and informative. Many of our students say our class is the best class they’ve ever taken. Saving lives is more than just a motto, it’s our mission. Learn CPR, Save Lives!