For larger groups, we offer private CPR training at your location for no extra charge.

Training Options

We offer two convenient options for our CPR training classes to cater to different preferences and schedules. Our instructor-led course is ideal for first-time attendees, providing a comprehensive learning experience facilitated by a certified instructor from start to finish. This option ensures the highest quality instruction, hands-on skills practice, and guarantees that students gain full knowledge and confidence in CPR techniques.

For those seeking flexibility, our blended course allows students to complete the cognitive and testing portions online at their own pace. This option minimizes in-person time, making it a great choice for individuals with busy schedules. Both courses share a similar total time commitment, ensuring that participants receive thorough CPR training regardless of the chosen option. The cost is the same for both, reflecting our commitment to making life-saving skills accessible to everyone.

For your convenience, for groups of eight (8) or more participants, we can provide on-site CPR and/or First Aid training at your facility. We will provide all the training materials (manikins, AED trainer, videos, CPR cards, etc.). The only requirement we have of you is to provide ample seating and space to accommodate our projector for showing training videos.

We can generally accommodate as many as the training space can comfortably hold. Given we have the space, equipment, and instructor availability, we can make it happen!

If you would like to schedule a group training class at your location, contact our customer service team at [email protected] or call 865-548-1500. You may also complete the form below. We will reply ASAP to get you the information you need. Thanks!

On-site CPR Training

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